Stabby People

Have I complained here about rogues/thieves/assassins/hunters/insertmediumarmorevasionclasshere yet?

They suck in multiplayer games. You might be surprised by this, you might not be. You might really really not be. I find that this is a thing that a wide variety of video games fail at, or at least I see them as pretty major failures. I’m not talking about Nova or the FFXIV ninja. Those things work fine because of their systems. Yes, I’m saying the stealth is fine. Piss off.

It’s the Guild Wars 2 and action games and even Destiny where the whole “agility” thing is just bad. Bad. It’s not a substitute for armor. The essence of games is give and take, back and forth. The concept of the agility character, the “don’t get hit” character, is bad for entertainment.

I don’t want to never hit you. That’s not fun for me. You don’t want to die in goddamn hit. That’s not fun for you. Somehow, this is the kinda crap that keeps getting shoved forward. I mean, that’s not all of it. I have a laundry list of things I find to be just bullshit designed about Hunters in Destiny. That’s not really the point of this post though.

This is, for once, a post of hope and inspiration! Shut up, it happens.

I had a chat with a friend today, and after meandering a bit, he came to a pretty lovely conclusion that the era of guns is the era where your agility people and their stealth and rapiers and daggers and whatever the crap matter again. Because there are no more big guys in armor that they couldn’t actually fight.

Think about it. Everyone running around not in armor. It won’t matter at that point! You can have your sneaky things, and your “warrior” types are musketeers. Not to be confused with the people with muskets. You know what I mean.

Guns, magic, stabby daggers, people with rapier and buckler dueling. It could totally work. I mean, sure, it sounds funny for tanking, but you people accepted that a bear can tank a dragon, so I think you can manage something here, right? And let’s not forget the ninja tank phenomenon of FFXI.

I’m just saying, the agility guy is a cool concept. Hell, I dabbled in rapier a bit back in college and had a blast. I mean, no, it’s not actually an agility weapon, but rule of cool as it were. Appreciate that there is a setting where it might actually make sense and not be a hideous burden on an action game.

Too bad no one will ever make it.


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